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Painting Done Right

Premiere Painters have helped countless home and business owners give their spaces a facelift by offering professional, courteous painting and design services.  Whether your home needs a complete makeover or you have just built a brand new home you can count on Premiere Painters to make your home look beautiful.  We take pride in our work and we get the job done quickly with minimal interruptions to your daily routine. 

Painting Like a Pro

Commercial Painting

We understand just how fast paced business can be, and as the saying goes “time is money”, however we feel that takes away some of the importance of human interaction.  Premeire Painters makes the time for our client, even our commercial clients.  We want you to know that for us it isn’t business as usual, we take the time to get to know our clients and what they want.  We get the job done quickly and efficiently at the same time we encourage communication between ourselves and our clients.  We don’t want to meet your expectations we want to exceed them!

Happy Clients

It was an real incredible experience for us. The quality of work was only matched by the quality of service I got. I would absolutely recommend Premiere Painters to friends or business associates.

Sandra Files

The Perfect Accent Wall

Premiere Painters will help you define your personal space with a design scheme you love.  We can help you create the perfect accent wall and use color strategically. 


Color Selection

Our design team can help you choose the perfect paint colors to work with your decor.  We have thousands of samples for you to choose from. 

Different Surfaces

Whether you live in a newly constructed house or a trendy loft with exposed brick, we can make any surface look good in the color you love. 

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